1)Hi , I thought you’d like to see how Bastille is progressing… He went to the doggie spa last week and got a bath and a haircut. As you can see, he still has his brown brindling on his back. He is so laid back! But, he is certainly a watch dog if he even thinks he hears something strange. He got neutered before Christmas and did fine with that. He’s a sweet boy who now needs to go to obedience training. 🙂 Thank you, Rachel


2)Here is Tanner. He is so sweet and loves to get his picture taken. He has grown so fast. He is going to be a big boy. Thanks again for letting us adopt him. We love him so much!! Thanks Kelly


3)Turner & Beckett are both doing so good. My mom recently moved to Florida, so Turner is getting to enjoy the beach. She always tells me how much he loves to get in the ocean and run up and down the beach in the sand. Beckett is still absolutely wonderful and I wouldn’t trade him for anything! He’s been the best dog and I couldn’t imagine getting any other dog than a poodle from now on. I recently bought a house, so he finally has a yard to run in. I’ll attach some recent pictures of him!! Hope all is well with you. Andy


4)Hello, Just a note to let you know Peaches is doing well, growing like a weed, and enjoying her life. She is nearly 40lbs now and almost the same size as Maggie. She will be starting some serious training since she has grown to such a size.. She is a good, sweet girl and very smart. Cheryl